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CVS Gift Card Balance Check Online and In Store

CVS designed the gift cards for its customers to facilitate them more. You can select a gift card of CVS from the official website of company, order it and send it to your dear ones in a while. You simply need to give some details like recipient name, sender name ad email id for sending the gift card. Most importantly you have to mention the amount as the worth of gift card. It is like how much you want to give as a gift to next person. You are offered wide variety of gift cards such as wedding gift cards, thank you gift cads, and congratulations gift cards and many others.

Complete Procedure To Check The Balance Of Gift Card:

You can check the balance of gift by adopting ay of the following mentioned process:

  1. Online method.
  2. Store locator method.
  3. Mobile method.

But prior to start the process you must have the card number and security code and also keep your gift card secure.

Online Method:

  • Go through the given set of instructions and check your card balance:
  • First of all open the official website of company by visiting the give link
  • You will be directed to a new page where you have to give your sixteen digit card number in the give blank.
  • After that give your 3 digit access code in the given field or you can also have a four digit code if you are having an e-gift card.
  • Lastly click on “Get Card History” to get the complete details of balance.

Store Locator Method:

  • First of all find out the store which is next to you from the website by entering the zip code or city name in the search bar of store finder.
  • After that visit the store and give them your card details and get the information of remaining balance in your gift card.

Mobile Method:

  • Similarly you can also check the balance of gift card by calling at the given number of 1-877-295-7777 customer service.

When Egift Card Is Sent To Recipient?

The alert message of egift card is sent to recipient on selected date. Delivery date of card is pre-set to current date, if you don’t choose different date, then alert message will be sent on decided day as you buy.

Where One Can Use His Egift Card?

One can use his egift Card on any CVS Pharmacy.

CVS is an American Pharmacy Retailer in United States. It is regarded as the second biggest pharmacy in US. It provides the prescribed drugs and general merchandise like over the counter drugs, cosmetics and beauty products, film and photo finishing services, greeting cards, convenience foods and much more.

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