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Find Publix Gift Card Balance

Publix is an employee-owned, American supermarket chain based in the Lakeland, Florida. It was established in 1930. Company has designed various types of gift cards for its customers consisting of business gift cards, birthday gift cards, thank you gift cards, congrats gift cards, wedding gift cards and many more. You have to select a gift card of your choice and send it to your dear one on any special occasion or you can take a print of gift card. You can check balance of gift card by different methods such as balance check at stores and balance check by phone. If you want to know about balance of your gift card then follow below stated methods.

How To Check The Balance Of Publix Gift Card?

You can check balance of Publix gift card by following any of the two methods which are described below.

  • Balance check at stores
  • Balance check by phone

Company is not offering online balance check method currently.

Balance Check At Stores:

You can check balance of gift card at stores by following the given steps.

  • Open this link in order to find nearby store.
  • As the website opens you have to give zip code, city and state name or enter the store number into the given fields.
  • Click button which is labeled as “Search” to locate the store which is close to you.
  • After finding the store, you have to visit it by yourself and check the balance by means of card machine.

Balance Check By Phone:

  • Make a call at the number1-800-830-8159 in order to talk with customer support service.
  • You are required to listens to the instructions of operator carefully.
  • You have to select the help line extension for balance inquiry.
  • Enter gift card number and wait for the response of operator.
  • Get the details of balance of gift card in few seconds.

How To Order Publix Gift Card?

  • Open up this link to fill up the order form.
  • You are required to enter the gift card details into the provided fields.
  • Select gift card design and choose the amount of gift card from available options.
  • If you want to send gift card to anyone, provide the recipient’s name and email address into the provided fields.
  • You have to enter sender’s name and email address into given space in order to take a print of the card or send it to yourself.
  • You are supposed to enter the delivery date into the given area.
  • At last, click on the button of “Next” and follow the screen instructions to complete the process.

Where Can I Use Publix Gift Card?

  • You can use the gift card at any Publix location for the purchase of goods.
  • You cannot use gift cards for money services such as purchasing of Wire Transfers, Money Orders etc.
  • Gift cards cannot be used to buy tobacco, alcohol or lottery tickets.

Can Any Gift Card Be Replaced If Lost Or Stolen Or Damaged?

Company is not responsible for lost or stolen or damaged gift cards and will not replace the lost, stolen or damaged gift cards in any case.


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