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Access Itunes Gift Card Balance

if you want to see iTunes gift card balance then you can access this service easily. You can use these gift cards for shopping your favorite products at Apple Stores. You can enjoy music, apps, books, audiobooks, movies and TV by using gift cards and promo codes. You can also redeem your itune gift cards and codes easily via using mobiles app through your devices. If you want to check your card balance online then you can follow these methods.

How To Check Card Balance?

If you have credit balance in your ITunes account then you can check your card balance at your IOS device via ITunes store, apple store, book store and even from your computer iTunes store.

About Credit Balance:

On redeem your iTunes gift cards or gifts you can see updated balance on your iTunes store. On purchases each time, iTunes deducts amount from your account. The entire amount of your gift credited to iTunes account, so you don’t need to enter each time gift card number for purchasing content. If you want to check your card balance then you can check your card balance via IPOD, IPHONE, IPAD AND OTHER IOS Devices. Or you can use this link to get more updates.

Check balance at iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  • Use iTunes Store, App Store, or iBook to check your card balance.
  • If you are using iBook then you can see at the bottom.
  • If you are not login into your account then first login to your account by adding your Apple ID and password.
  • If you have credit in your card then you can see card balance below your apply ID.

Check balance on Your Computer:

Via iTunes:

  • Open iTunes at your computer and open iTunes stores.
  • Login to your iTunes account by adding Apple ID and password into the login fields.
  • Click at your name and see your remaining card balance below your name.

Via Mac App Store:

  • Open your Mac app store first.
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password to login into your account.
  • See the option “Featured” at the top of the page.
  • See Quick Links heading and find account option aligned with balance of your card.

Via iBooks for Mac

  • First of all open IBooks.
  • Enter at IBook Store option.
  • Enter your login information like Apple ID and Password.
  • Check Quick Links see your card balance under your account username.

Check Via Customer Service:

  • Use this Number 1-888-320-3301
  • After that access customer support service of Apple.
  • Take to call operator and inquire card balance.
  • Enter your card number and get your remaining balance services.

How To Locate Your Gift Card Redemption Code?

If you have purchased iTunes gift card then you can access your redemptions code by following method.

  • First of all gently scratch or peel the label on the back of your gift card.
  • Reveal the hidden code.
  • To redeem your card you need to have card number that starts from X.
  • Card number is present on the back of the card at different positions that depends on the card type.

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