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Access Jamba Juice Gift Card Balance Online

Jamba Juice is a health company that provides online access to all gift card holders to check their gift card balance with any fee or deduction. They provide a healthy range of fruit juices and smoothies from bananas and all kind of other healthy fruits.

In fact Jamba Juice Company is a restaurant retailer headquartered in Frisco, Texas, with over 875 locations operating in 26 U.S. states, as well as Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

Jamba Juice specialize in making you feel good and healthy all day long with exceptional fruit drinks and smoothies full of nutrients and natural goodness.

To that end Jamba Juice have a great gift card program that you can easily check online.


Jamba Juice Gift Card Balance

Jamba Juice Gift Card Balance, the company dishes out some seriously healthy juice drinks and smoothies

To get started with Jamba at the provided webpage, users can access check card balance service. If you have your card in your hand then you check your card in few minutes by entering your card details correctly. Otherwise with the wrong card information and wrong attempts server will block your IP for security concerns. Here you can find how you can check your card balance:

How To Check Your Jamba Juice Gift Card Balance:

If you have your gift card then you can check your card balance by using this online method.

Gift Card Balance Online

  • Access this link and on the page see the heading “check your card balance”.
  • Below this heading you can see the empty text boxes in which you have to enter card details.
  • Enter your gift card number from your card.
  • After that enter your security PIN in the next text box.
  • After that enter the button “Check Balance”
  • Next you will see the card balance and transaction details on the page.

Checking Jamba Balance at Stores:

  • If you don’t have online card balance checking facility then you can use this link to locate your nearby stores.
  • Enter zip code, or city name in the search bar to get the address of the near to your location.
  • Note the address and visit this address to get customer service to ask for your card balance.

By Way of Customer Service:

  • If you want to check your card balance via phone then dial this number 1-866-473-7848
  • After that tell your card number to representative on phone
  • You will be informed about your remaining card balance:

If you want to manage your gift card online then you can create your gift card account online by following this method.

How to Manage Gift Card Account:

  • On the above mentioned link you can see the heading “manage gift card” to get online account management service.
  • On the next page you will see the login form where you can enter your registered email address and password.
  • Click “Login” to access your account but if you are accessing this service first time then you can click on the button “Register”.
  • Next enter your email address, password, first name, last name and in last enter your phone number.
  • Click on the button “Register”.

How Can Your Manage Your Card?

By creating your account you can get your card balance notification for free with other benefits:

  • Get auto-reloading service on minimum card account
  • You can reload your card automatically by monthly schedules.
  • You can add your all gift cards in one account
  • You check your all gift card balance anytime.
  • Get customer support services anytime.

Important Questions About E-Gift Card:

  • Can You Refund Your E-Gift Cards?

If you want to refund your e-gift card anytime then it is impossible for e-gift card services.

  • What Will You Get On Purchasing E-Gift Card?

If you have purchased e-gift card then you will get email that will contain links of all e-gift cards attached with your account. You can check the link to update your gift cards information via mobile phone or computer.

  • How Can You Get Your E-Gift Card?

If you want to purchase you e-gift card then you can apply online and can buy from nearby stores.

  • How Quickly You Can Get Your Card?

On apply online you can get your e-gift card within next five minutes.

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