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Access Regal Gift Card Balance Online

Regal has launched E-Gifts on their website. Once can easily buy these cards online by accessing the website of Regal. You can enjoy all other services which is provided on website. You can even redeem these gift cards after making some shopping at store. By using these gift cards you will become able to buy different products and win rewards in return. You can check balance of your gift card through different modes such as online, in store and from help line. To check current balance of your gift card follow given below guidelines.

How To Check Card Balance?

Check Balance Of Gift Card Online:

In order to check balance of your gift card online by following stated below instructions.

  • First of all you have to add this address into search bar of browser and scroll down the window till you find option of “checks your balance”.
  • In new window you are supposed to add “Card number of gift card”
  • Enter Personal identification number in next marked blank.
  • Add shown letters in next box to verify your identity.
  • Once you have added all information click on button of “check balance”

Check Balance At Stores:

If you want to check the balance of your card at store then follow stated below guidelines.

  • Visit Google Map to find a store which is near to your place.
  • In order to find that store you have to input name of state along with zip code and click on button of “Search”
  • Choose a nearest store and visit that place and use their card machine to check balance of card at store.

Check Balance Through Customer Service Support

If you want to check balance via help line then follow given below guidelines

  • Call Helpline by using this number 1-800-291-8173 and listen all instructions with great care.
  • You would be asked to enter desired extension to know your balance.
  • Enter number of your card after the beep and you will be informed about balance at the spot.

How Apply For Gift Cards?

  • Visit home page of website and click on button of “Apply gift card”
  • Add name of your friend to whom you are going to gift this card along with your name.
  • You need to add value of card and enter customized note in next blank.
  • Click on button of “continue”
  • Add date of delivery in next blank and click on “Continue” button
  • Click on button of “Check out” to fill the form.
  • Add your name, email ID, name of country, state and zip code.
  • Add information of card as directed and by following on screen instructions you can finish this process.

When E- Gift Cards Can Be Sent To The Recipient?

The E-Gift card alert message is typically sent to the recipient on due date which you have choose. Delivery date is set before the current date so that if you haven’t selected different dates then alert message will be sent on the same day as you have purchased the card.

Where Can I Use E- Gift Card?

E-Gift card can be used at Regal Entertainment Group locations. Regal Gift cards and their E-Gift cards are used with Personal identification number it can be redeemed online at Movie Tickets, Fandango and REG Movies.

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