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Access Sports Authority Gift Card Balance

Sports Authority is an American chain of sporting goods retailer specializes in athletic footwear, apparel and equipment. Its headquarters is in Englewood, Colorado United States. Sports Authority gift cards can be ordered online to utilize in retail stores or online. One can send gift cards to any individual with a valid shipping address within the United States. Gift cards are available for all occasions and in a variety of designs. You can buy bulk gift cards or egift cards for your organization. You can check balance of your gift card through different methods which are mentioned below.

How To Check Gift Card Balance?

You can check the remaining balance of Sports Authority gift card via the methods provided below. Company is not offering online balance check method currently.

  • Balance check by Store locator
  • Balance check by phone

Balance Check By Store Locater:

You can check balance of your Sports Authority gift card at stores by going through the given instructions.

  • Open the store locator page of the Sports Authority website.
  • Search the store which is near to you or you can enter a location to search a store.
  • You are supposed to provide the ZIP code and city name and find the store near to you.
  • You can also search the services which the store has provided.
  • Lastly, click o the button of “Search”.
  • You can get information of gift card balance by visiting the store with the help of card machine.

Balance Check By Phone:

Similarly, you can also check your Sports Authority gift card balance by following the steps given below.

  • Make a call at 1-877-720-6609 from your phone in order to talk with customer service.
  • You are supposed to listens the call operator instructions carefully.
  • You have to enter the preferred extension to know your balance.
  • Enter your gift card number as asked by the operator
  • After within few seconds you will get information about current balance of your gift card.

How To Send Sports Authority E-Gift Card Via Email?

  • Add this link into the search bar of web browser.
  • Click on the button labeled as “Email one today”.
  • After clicking on this button a new page will be displayed where you have to choose gift card design.
  • Mention card value in given field and quantity of gift card as well.
  • Give the recipient’s first and last name and email id. You have to re-enter id for conformation.
  • Add sender’s name into given space and also mention delivery date.
  • Click the option of “Add to cart” to send the gift card to your friend.

Ho To Buy A Sports Authority Gift Card?

In order to make your purchase you have to simply follow the steps given below.

  • Open Gift cards/Certificates page.
  • Click on the option of “Gift Card”.
  • You have to fill up the order form and make your purchase.

After purchasing a gift card the card will be delivered in 1-10 business days depending on the shipping method. You will be informed through mail.

Do Sports Authority Gift Cards Expire?

Sports Authority gift cards are valid online and in store and never expire or lose its value.

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