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How to Check Top Golf Gift Card Balance : Tips for Improving Golf Swing

Topgolf Gift Cards are perfect for birthdays, holidays, graduations or just to say thank you! Use them on memberships, games, apparel, lessons, food and drinks. They have no transaction fees, never expire and can be redeemed at any Topgolf location in the U.S. That is the beauty of a Topgolf gift card.

If you have never played any kind of golf before Topgolf breaks down the barriers to entry. You can combine golf swing practice with beverages and refreshments while you improve your golf swing and skill at hitting the ball.

In fact Topgolf is perfect for novices and golf professionals alike and is a great way to improve your swing and overall game while on the range. A Topgolf gift card simply takes the sting out of playing with friend or family.

Topgolf gift cards can be redeemed for professional golf lessons and competitive matches on the driving range where you aim to score highest against targets on the range.

As long as you can access your Topgolf balance online or at anyone of the many Topgolf locations across the United States then you are good to go

Tips for Improving Golf Swing After Redeeming a Top Golf Gift Card

Check topgolf giftcard balance online

Golf lessons such as improving your swing go great with a Topgolf gift card to redeem

There are 9 different reasons that this ball is going to change direction. Nine different ways that it is going to go. These are the kind of golf lessons that you can tap into by redeeming a Topgolf gift card after checking Topgolf balance online. The idea here is to get the club face square. Now to get the club face you have to start with grip. Okay? To have a good grip you want to focus on, most of the grip is actually just in your fingers.

It’s not actually in my palm and then you just wrap your hands around. By doing that you actually set your arms up to a certain position and from your arms being in a certain position, it actually sets up the rest of your body to a position and that’s the translation from basically the club to the ground. Okay? The club through your body to the ground.

Once you do that, it makes you want to swing correctly. If you have a messed up grip and maybe it’s a little too strong, which means its rotated back away from your target or it’s a little too weak. Well basically what you are going to be doing is changing the direction that your arms are, the position of your arms and its not going to make you want to swing straight down through toward your target path.

It’s not going to allow you to square up the club face and get it perfectly perpendicular toward your target. So once you start with a good grip and you have good posture maintaining a very straight spine, almost pushing your bottom out and just maintain this. There are other ways you can check it. You can put a club back here, make sure that it touches the whole way back and it shows you have good posture.

Redeem a TopGolf Gift Card for More Lessons Like These

You want to have a straight spine because you want to swing around it. If your spine is curved, suddenly you are putting these other movements in to your swing you do not want. Here a very important thing like I said hold in that finish, think about what it might do.

By holding your finish not only are you elongating the swing, but when you hold it, see how it kind of fell off my back foot; actually sped up so much up here and held my finish, it’s going to teach me things.

If you don’t ever hold your finish and you just walk up and hit the ball, you are not going to have any idea where your weight was at the end of the swing or where the club head was but as soon as I hold that finish.

If I hold my finish as you can see, I felt like my body was pointed this direction after the shot. If it was pointed like this, the ball probably would have gone straight but it wasn’t. I don’t want you thinking so much to try to come up the reasons why the ball is going left and right. I would rather have you focus on a little pre-shot routine, a good long slow practice swing and then hold your finish. It is as simple as that. With a Topgolf gift card lessons like this could be yours! In order to gain a access a Topgolf giftcard balance go here first.

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Your recipient receives a beautiful, full-color, personalized eGift Card that can be redeemed at any Topgolf location in the United States and online at participating Topgolf sites.

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Redeeming Topgolf Gift Card and Balance Check

As you can see a visit to Topgolf is a fun day out and you can check your Topgolf balance pretty easily. After which you can redeem the balance against games on the range, how cool is that!

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