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Access Victoria Secret Gift Card Balance Online

Victoria’s Secret specializes in luxury lingerie and designer loungewear for young, sexy women who desire the latest trends. In fact Victoria’s secret is known across the world for providing you a remarkable opportunity to apply for prepaid e-gift cards online.

Once you have applied for the Victoria’s Secret gift card and you have activated it, then you can check the status and balance of your gift card after every transaction through number of popular ways.

Checking the balance is pretty straight forward. As you can find out the existing balance of each gift card online, through the customer help line of Victoria’s Secret or even in any store.

Most major shopping malls offer a Victoria’s Secret store, either directly or within a larger department Store such as Macy’s or Debenhams and House of Fraser in the UK.

So if you want to know about all of these methods and make the most from shopping for lingerie with a gift card then follow stated below steps of detailed instructions and explore your knowledge of Victoria’s Secret gift cards to the best possible benefit.

How One Can Check Balance Of Victoria’s Secret Gift Card?

Check Balance Of Victoria's Secret Gift Card

Check Balance Of Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

This is how you check the Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance

If you have been provided with a Victoria Secrets gift card balance service then you can follow given below methods to check current balance of your card.

  • Access this link in order to check balance of gift card.
  • Scroll the window till center of window.
  • Add card number in marked blank as directed.
  • Add Personal identification number in next field of “PIN”
  • Once you have added the PIN number click the button of “Check Balance”
  • In next step you will see the result of your e- gift card balance.

Checking Victoria Secret Card Balance in Stores

You can visit Victoria store to check balance of your card by following given below guides

  1. Open “GOOGLE MAP” in order to visit the store which is near to your home
  2. Enter zip code or state where you are looking for store
  3. Click on button of “Search”
  4. Choose the store which is near to your place and visit it.
  5. Access card machine and check balance of card online.

Victoria’s Secret Help Line:

If you want to check balance on the card via the help line then follow stated below guidelines to action.

  • Use this number (800) 270-8999 and call help line of Victoria secrets
  • Hear all instructions carefully and dial desired extension.
  • Enter the number of card after you hear a beep and wait for a while
  • You will be informed about the balance on the spot.

How To Send E-Gift Cards?

  • Visit official website of Victoria Secret and choose gift card of your choice.
  • Once you have selected the gift card you need to click on button of “Shop Now”
  • Select design of card through given options of colors and design format.
  • You need to enter name of receiver and sender in next fields.
  • Enter total quantity of card with its value and click on button of “Add to bag”
  • Provide all shipping and payment information in next fields as required.
  • Click on button which is labeled as “Check out”
  • Follow on screen guidelines to place order for gift card online.

How Can I Use Victoria’s Secret E- Gift Cards?

One can use Victoria secret e-gift cards through number of ways as given below. One can make transactions via online, by visiting store or even by making call.
If you do not have a card yet then getting one is easy, just follow the Victoria secret credit card apply online instructions to get you prepaid Victoria’s Secret gift card ready to use today.


  • Add 19 digit gift card number along with four digit PIN in step of payment to check out.

In Store:

  • In order to make a transaction you have to print a copy of E- Gift card or show your e- Gift card from any mobile device to cashier.

By Phone:

  • When placing an order through gift card provide your number of e gift card along with personal identification number to make a transaction.

Making the Most From Your Victoria Secret Prepaid Gift Card

Providing a loved one with a Victoria’s Secret prepaid gift card is a sure way to melt their heart. On the other hand it is also a fantastic and sexy way to treat yourself with designer lingerie also.
Especially when it is so easy to check Victoria’s Secret gift card balance either online or in store.

They always have the latest trends in designer lingerie and loungewear made from high quality fabrics and materials.
So if you have a Vi
ctoria’s Secret gift card there really is no better way to treat yourself or a loved one in 2018.

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