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Access Walgreens Gift Card Balance

Walgreen is providing gift card services to all its customers to give them a change to buy gift or online shopping service. Customer can order gift card online and can check card balance. You can manage your card services via secure card accounts. Cardholder can create online account to manage card services like card transactions, card balance, or paperless transactions. Here you can find methods to check your card balance online.

How To Check Your Card Balance:

Check Online:

To check your card balance is now very easy and quick for Walgreen card holders.

  • Access this link and access online check balance service.
  • On the page, you can see heading “card information”
  • Enter your card number into the box and next enter PIN into the 2nd text box.
  • After that press the button “Search”.
  • See the results and get your card balance information.

At Stores:

Second method is for all cardholder who cannot access online service.

  • Access Store Locator to access your nearby store location.
  • On accessing this page, enter zip code, state, address/ intersection information.
  • After that press the button “Search”.
  • You can search by state by using the given option on the page.
  • Next you can see the address of the nearby store where you can visit to use card machines to check balance easily.

Customer Service:

  • You can dial number 1-877-248-5555
  • After that listen, the instructions of customer service.
  • Press the helpline extensions to check balance.
  • As you will choose the extension after a beep, enter your card number.
  • Wait for a while to hear about your remaining balance.

Use Walgreen Gift Card For These Services:

On buying your Walgreen gift card you can use this card for shopping at Walgreen stores as well as on other stores. Here you can get this information.

  • Movie, Gaming and Music Stores:

If you want to make purchases for movies, music and gaming online then you can use this gift card at these stores like Fandango, Xbox Live and GameStop.

  • Food & Restaurants:

You can use this card for ordering your favorite food item at these restaurants like Subway, Red lobster, Applebee’s and Panera Bread.

  • Department Stores:

Walgreen is providing you offer to use gift card for shopping at Kohl’s, Bass Pro Shop, Home Depot and Best Buy.

  • For Different Occasions:

Walgreen is offering American express and Vanilla Visa cards at its stores for occasional shopping.

How Can You Reload Your Card?

You can access nearby by stores by using store locator mentioned above to recharge your card from $5 to $500. You can use this card for buying merchandising goods.

How Can Redeem Gift Card:

In some state it is acceptable that customer can request for emergency balance for their gift cards when gift card has below mentioned remaining balance in it.

State Minimum Cash
California $10.00
Colorado $5.00
Maine $5.00
Massachusetts $5.00
Missouri $5.00
New Jersey $5.00
Oregon $5.00
Rhode Island $1.00
Vermont $1.00
Washington $5.00

About Gift Card Account Management:

You can sign into your Walgreen account by creating your account to get gift card management service. You can manage more than one gift cards in one account to check balance without any interest fee. Cardholders can keep the record of the card transactions.

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