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How to Check Trader Joe’s Gift Card Balance

Trader Joe’s is not your average grocery store franchise. There aren’t many brand name products in these brightly-lit, upbeat stores. Priding itself on offbeat products guaranteed to pique customer’s curiosity, shopping at Trader Joe’s feels more like an adventure than anything else. From the cozy feeling to the bright announcements, and prices, written in chalk, you will be able to unwind. With a gift card, you can share the experience with loved ones, friends, and family members.

Dedicated to providing affordable prices, there are no sales, coupons, or memberships at Trader Joe’s. All customers get the most bang for their buck, without coupon-clipping, promotion-finding, or a rush to arrive early to get the best price. Everyday prices for everyday people.

When you walk into Trader’s Joe’s, you will be greeted by friendly employees clad in Hawaiian shirts. Deeming themselves “traders on the culinary seas”, the shirts signify fun times for customers, backed by a vast array of quality products plucked from the “seven seas”.

Whether you received a gift card for a birthday or a holiday, or are buying one for someone else, the funds will be well-used at any Trader Joe’s.

The following information details how, and where, you can check the balance of your gift card.

Are gift cards sold online?

No. Trader Joe’s sells gift cards in their physical stores. This meshes with their socially-oriented vision. By keeping transactions, gift cards, and products in-store this builds trust and community with their customer’s.

Despite the large amounts of advertisements and websites claiming to sell gift cards, none of these sites are directly tied to Trader Joe’s.

Can you check your balance online?

No. Gift card balances can be brought into local Trader Joe’s store. The cashier will slide your gift card and give you the balance.

There are many sites that claim to check your balance, but these are not endorsed by Trader Joe’s, so should be avoided. They use Trader Joe’s name, and likeness, without consent. So, if you decide to use these sites, use caution. Some sites include Raise.com and giftcardgranny. Protect yourself and go into your local Trader Joe’s to get your gift card balance.

When does a Trader Joe’s gift card expire?

There is no expiration date for these gift cards. The funds you load will remain the same no matter how much time has passed. Make sure you keep your card in good condition over these years.

Can a gift card be replaced?

If you need to replace your Trader Joe’s gift card, you, or the person you bought it for, must show a receipt.

How much money can be put on a card?

A Trader Joe’s gift card can be loaded with a maximum of $100.00. These funds can be used to purchase any products from Trader Joe’s, including alcohol.

You must be 21, and show ID, to purchase alcohol.

Do you have to be a certain age?

No. Gift cards can be purchased by anyone. Make sure to get a receipt in case you decide to return the card or misplace it.

Are there any fees associated with a gift card?

No, there are no fees.

Is there a limit to how many gift cards you can buy?

No, you can load as many gift cards as you would like. Just pay at the register and an employee will add the funds.

What if you want to mail the gift card?

If you would like to send the gift card through the mail, it is best to send it in a padded envelope, place your return address directly on the gift card, and purchase a strong envelope that will not open. A thin piece of cardboard is also recommended, according to USPS.

Can you spend funds in other stores?

No, this gift card can only be used in Trader Joe’s stores. Some gift cards are able to be used at other stores, but Trader Joe’s is in the business of building relationships.

How does Trader Joe’s constantly provide reasonable prices?

– Through direct, intensive bargaining with suppliers. By cutting out any middlemen, Trader Joe’s saves a bundle, so you can. This also ensures the highest-quality products.

– By taking inventory, all the time. When a product is no longer interesting, it goes. Where? Unclear, but it does not remain in Trader Joe’s stores. This process ensures customers get the exotic, curiosity-inducing foods they are used to.

– Reducing fees. To save money, Trader Joe’s allows their supplies to stock their shelves, free-of-charge. This strengthens the relationship between seller and buyer.

What are the usual hours?

The usual hours are 8 am – 9 pm, Monday through Friday. You can bring your gift card in at any of these times and check your balance. Hours may change during holidays or special events.

How did Trader Joe’s come to be?

Before creating the famous name of Trader Joe’s, this chain of convenience stores was called Pronto Markets. It became the namesake of its founder in 1967.

At that time, the business’s vision changed. Rare, odd, and high-quality foods were located and stocked. With low demand, these foods were more affordable than more mainstream products, which gave Trader Joe’s the capital to expand.

From the 50’s to the present, Trader Joe’s has branched out from Pasadena, California. There are many stores all over America, building communities, supporting charities, and selling quirky wares to keen customers, like yourself.

And the bell? Well, it first came into use in 1975. Like today, it was used to communicate. Unlike other stores’ intercom system, Trader Joe’s rings a bell to get someone’s attention. When the store is busy, the bell is rung. This keeps the atmosphere laidback and friendly.

What’s new at Trader Joe’s?

As of 2018, new locations include Washington D.C., Fresno, and New York. Whether you live there or are visiting, head to the Union Market in Washington, Fresno in sunny California, or SoHo (93rd & Columbus) in New York. You can send your gift card to even more cities!

Having created a niche, this square peg in a round world attracted customers looking for great food and an experience like no other.